About Us

Our Story

In the bustling realm of startups, a group of visionaries united to create “M & M Global,” a company with a singular mission – to conquer the daily challenges industries grappled with. Driven by a passion for problem-solving, the M & M Global team embarked on a quest to revolutionize business operations. Through relentless research and ingenuity, they crafted bespoke software and cutting-edge technologies tailored to each industry’s pain points. From streamlining manufacturing processes to optimizing logistics, and empowering healthcare providers with integrated systems, M & M Global solutions sparked a wave of transformation. Their swift ascent to success showcased the power of innovation, inspiring industries worldwide to embrace change. As they soared to new heights, M & M Global Solutions remained committed to illuminating the path toward a brighter, obstacle-free future for all.


Our Aim

M & M Global focuses on advising and shaping services to meet clients’ unique project requirements. Being able to address various functions and fill expertise gaps can be highly valuable to clients.

Having a diverse range of expertise allows us to provide comprehensive solutions and support across different areas, including IT infrastructure and other functions. By understanding clients’ specific needs, we can tailor services to effectively meet their requirements and help them achieve their goals.

Having the ability to cover expertise gaps ensures that clients can rely on M & M Global as a trusted partner, even in areas where they may lack the necessary knowledge or resources. This flexibility and adaptability can greatly enhance the value you bring to your clients and enable them to focus on their core competencies while entrusting their project requirements to your capable team.




Our Team

The experienced professionals and industry veterans that lead our teams and departments.
M & M Global is driven by the profound experience and business acumen that these gifted individuals share with us every day.



Rana Umer

Cheif Executive Offcier

Ather Rehman

HOD Business

Talha Aftab

Manager Project & Operation’s

Atiab Fatima

GM – Marketing